Do you believe in ghosts?

Through a captivating storyline you will experience the macabre side of a city that is more than a thousand years old.

To unlock the stories, you have to be close, ensuring just the right setting all the way.

Once you are ready to reveal the ghosts of Copenhagen, you can meet your virtual guide, Allison, at the Round Tower.

How does it work?

The web app tracks your location and guides you through the city. Icon Ghostwalk
When you are 20 meters from a story, you can unlock it and listen to the ghost tale of that specific place. Icon Ghostwalk
Empowered by 3D sound technology, the audio will change dynamically as you rotate with the phone in your hand. Requirements
3D sound works on all Android Devices running the newest software version and meets the following requirements: 1gHz processor, 1gb ram, gyrometer and GPS.
3D sound does not work on iOS due to a recent breaking update from Apple. Instead the experience uses enhanced stereo on iOS. We expect a fix soon.
Icon Ghostwalk

What do I need?

Icon Phone 1. A charged smartphone.
Icon Phone 2. A set of headphones.
Icon Phone 3. Around 1 hour to complete the tour.
Icon Phone 4. Good company is recommended.
Icon Phone 5. A Ghostwalk voucher – buy voucher.

Sneak a Peek

Below, you can enjoy excerpts from the tour. However, to unleash the ghosts of Copenhagen, you need to buy a voucher.

Copenhagen Skyline

Buy Voucher ( left)

Icon Phone 1. Buy a voucher below. A voucher can be used by one person and gives access to the entire tour.
Icon Phone 2. Receive your voucher by email. You can redeem it anytime and try Ghostwalk as many times as you'd like.
Icon Phone 3. Experience Ghostwalk through the browser on your phone – no need to download an app.